breaking toes and setting goals

UPDATE: Swipe Left is airing again in the US! Check out the link here! Yes, I know, that doesn’t quite rhyme. But it’s close! This year started off with a slight set back, I stubbed my toe while rushing around my apartment getting ready for my birthday party. Don’t worry, I still went out and […]

feeling the support

The Support Group is here! My episode, “The Secret” is now airing! I’m also pleased to announce that I’ve been upgraded from guest star, to recurring guest star! Which means you’ll see more of me in second 2! Woo!

the last house on the right

You gotta make your own work, right? Well, thankfully I’ve got a few very talented friends who agree. Amanda McEwan came up with this idea and Emma Higgins filmed one night on an iPhone. It was so much fun. Huge thanks to both those amazing ladies as well as Tori Thacker and Becks McQueen for […]

year in review

My first legit commercial is up and I had way too much fun making it as you can hopefully tell. When I got the breakdown of an ex-cheerleader who’s addicted to caffeine at the holidays, my first thought was oh hells yeah. What am I going to wear. And yes, the outfit I’m wearing in […]

the support group is in session!

I’m so pumped to share the teaser trailer for The Support Group! Working with these amazing ladies was such a pleasure. Creators Sydney Doberstein, Lily Zarif, and Laura Carly Miller worked tirelessly with director/co producer Tammy Gillis and co producer Jim Thorburn,  putting this new hilarious web series together. Their efforts have very clearly paid off thanks to the hard work of amazing […]

acting and

I recently found out that one of the old apartment buildings on my block is being renovated for a group of Syrian refugees and I, for one, am really excited about it. But I’ve noticed that others in my community (geographical and social) have some questions and fears, which seem to stem out of lack […]

website update day!

So much to catch up on! I’ve been busy this fall getting into the audition game. It’s so great to be getting seen more regularly around the city. It took me a long time to get to where I am now, and I’m excited about the momentum I’m starting to generate.  To step up my […]

scene study with bruce

I’ve been in scene study class this month with the wonderful Bruce Clayton Wilson of the pro actor’s lab in Toronto. Bruce came very highly recommended from Tammy and I can understand why. Every new teacher I work with offers me something else to help me build my process, and the way Bruce teaches is really jiving with how […]

acting challenge accepted

I love open calls. And this one was great fun, too. Clark and Page are big time casting directors. They cast Mistresses, The Whisperers and Once Upon a Time, along with many film projects. I was lucky enough to audition for them last month, which marked my first big audition in Vancouver! Even though it […]

i’m still here

It’s been a while, I know. I’m sorry I’ve been absent. Every once in a while, life hands you a lesson that changes things. It forces you to take a step back, and focus on just one thing at a time. Your perspective shifts and suddenly, the menial tasks that you always accomplished without thought […]

welcome to Cue Agency!

I’m so over the moon. After many submissions and meetings, I’ve found a spot at the fantastic Cue Agency with agent Arianne Summach. And what a small world, Arianne actually worked at Black+Blue with me for a few months. There aren’t enough verbs to describe my joy. I’ve been on the roster less then a day, and I […]