Join professional commercial, film/ tv actor Laura MacDonald and demystify the world of commercial acting in this 4 hour workshop. Learn to approach your auditions with confidence and specificity to help you stand out from the crowd.


  • Understand and market your unique commercial hit
  • Prepare for each audition
  • Make a strong first impression in your slate
  • Build lasting relationships with casting


In February’s workshop, we’re turning the camera on teens aged 12-16 who are looking to make a splash in their commercial auditions.  We’ll focus on building confidence and understanding the steps to take to prepare and execute a great audition.

Date: Sunday, January 14th
Time: 11am-3pm
Location: Rogue’s West Studio   Cost: $150
Registration email:




I learned that there are definitely some great tips and tricks that I can bring to the table in my commercial auditions but the greatest lesson I took from Laura’s workshop is that we as actors are in this together and that we should bring kindness and support into every casting room.  I now am excited to head to my next commercial audition which is not something I had felt prior to the workshop. I was scared and blocked and now I feel I can really have fun and make the most of every audition. No matter how long you have been in the industry, there is always something new to learn and a day with Laura really helps to open your eyes to the possibilities of what you can bring to each casting and even into the industry. I truly believe everyone can learn from Laura – I’ve been acting for a good number of years now, I’ve trained with some of the best in the industry and I believe that Laura is one of them, her body of work really speaks for itself – sign up – you won’t regret it!

Francesca Bianchi

Working with Laura is such a gift. She has a kind and generous personality and makes everyone feel at ease. Laura has a wealth of information and insight into the industry and knows how to get booked. I feel much more confident about commercial auditions after taking her workshop. I highly recommend it.

Melanie Reich

I had the opportunity to attend Laura’s workshop this weekend and learned some valuable tips every commercial Actor should have on hand. Having this knowledge has really helped me stand out and go into the audition room with more confidence and mental structure. Laura is a “working” commercial Actor who has a wealth of knowledge that’s just bursting to be set free with her engaging personality. If you’re looking for a commercial workshop, stop trying the rest and come to the best.

Sheldon Landry

Laura MacDonald’s workshop was such a positive experience and so eye opening. The smallest details were explained to ensure the best camera presence such as acting out your slate and “having secrets” to get you more engaged in group auditions. It has opened up the doors for fun auditions, instead of frightful or awkward auditions. I got what I came for, plus more! The plus more is the strong sense of community I walked away with and that is so motivating and priceless. Let’s all support and cheer for one another – this is how Laura truly feels and I know she is on my side which is encouraging and makes me enjoy my job of auditioning. Class was so engaging and he time flew by. Anyone going out for commercial auditions is sure to have ah-ha moments throughout the 4 hour workshop and you are going to want more, more, MORE! Laura please have more workshops to keep us sharp!

June Kim

Laura Mac’s Commercial Workshop was EXTREMELY informative! I gained some important tools that are necessary and essential to having a solid audition. I would strongly recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking to up their audition game!

Brandon Thornhill

What a fantastic workshop you. In particular, I loved how she took the time to analyze each and every one of us in order for us to get the most out of your expertise. I’m clearer on what direction I need to go in. It was great to see myself on camera and see how I portray myself. I also loved how dynamic our class was and how our different opinions/experience ended up amplifying my understanding of commercial auditions.

-Nancy Deen

A workshop not to be missed!  Every step of the way I found Laura’s energy and advice in the four hours we all spent together extremely informative and helpful and her attitude so positive and even joyful! I learned so much about being in front of a camera, and came away awakened by her enthusiasm and advice and looking forward to my next audition with more confidence. I highly recommend this workshop and see great value in every aspect of the content which was so well prepared and lovingly presented to us all.

Winnie Nowell

Taking Laura’s Commercial Acting Workshop was one of the most useful things I’ve done in order to help my acting career. I had very little previous experience auditioning for commercials and would get very nervous when entering an audition room. After taking Laura’s workshop I became a lot more confident on my skills and on who I am. Thanks to Laura’s experience I learned helpful tips that would’ve taken me years to figure out on my own. This is a great workshop for anyone looking to improve their commercial auditioning skills; whether you are a beginner or a pro, this will help you in your career!!

David Mora Perea

I asked my agent to keep me in the loop with any recommended acting workshops I might benefit from and she sent me information for a Laura Mac auditioning workshop. After reading about Laura, I immediately tried to sign up but found the class already full with a waitlist so had to wait a few weeks for the next class. I can see why her classes are so popular! Laura is kind, funny,  has a positive energy to work with, and she is also straight to the point with individual recommendations about wardrobe selections and slating presentations. Laura has lots of experience to share, and having a camera operator from a busy casting agency running the workshop with her offered valuable insight into what a busy casting day can be like from the other side of the fence. Several valuable tips on how to stand out in a sea of others auditioning with you. Remember, we are all on the same team! When a local actor books a job, it’s worth celebrating! Go team!

Shonna Morgan

Laura’s workshop was fantastic. I learnt so many little tips with regards to slating, colours to wear to commercial auditions, how to make yourself stand out and how to approach group and duo auditions. I’ll be taking all these tips and tricks into my commercial auditions now to hopefully turn my callbacks into bookings. I’d highly recommend Laura’s workshop whether you’re new to the commercial world or have been at it for a while. Everyone in the class was at different levels and we all got something out of it. Laura knows her shit! ​

Annabel Maclean

Not only was the workshop a fun and comfortable place to practice auditioning, it was also a tremendous learning experience. I learned insightful and relevant tips and tricks about the acting industry. I also met some fabulous people in that class who I know I’ll see again in the audition room. I would suggest this workshop to anyone who would like to know more about commercial auditioning, experienced actors or total newbies. All around great training at affordable pricing

​-Ian Frayne

This was a GREAT workshop! I highly recommend it to every actor, at any level. Laura’s warmth and expertise ensured that we all had a fun, informative and encouraging afternoon. I feel freshly inspired and better equipped to rock my commercial auditions.

Cassandra Cavalli

In the commercial arena, Laura Mac is hands down the best teacher. She opened my eyes to the world of commercial casting that I would have had no idea otherwise. From how things are shot, to how people perceive one another or even to how integral a printed commercial shot is and how different a group audition is and much much more… Cannot recommend her enough, worth every penny. Excited to see how all these tiny adjustments will help me in my career!

​-Samantha Hum

We only get a small time frame in which casting gets to see us, so Laura teaches you how to take advantage of every single opportunity in and out of the audition room. After her workshop, I feel like I have the tools to make more informed, confident, and purposeful decisions in my next audition and cannot wait to apply what I have learned. I truly do believe any actor would benefit learning from Laura’s positive and honest attitude. She really goes out of her way to give individual feedback and direction, which is absolutely beneficial for actors of any level.

Kallie Hu

If someone asked me to describe Laura Mac’s workshop in one word that word would be “practical”. I learned practical skills to not only improve my work but to also get the most out of my time in the room so that I can leave a lasting impression. From Slate to personal presentation you will walk out of this workshop with all the right tools to book your next commercial. Highly recommend for actors at any level there will be smething to learn.

​-Hans Potter

Love love love Laura MacDonald’s commercial acting class. After years auditioning for commercials, I’ve never seen how clients see me. In Laura’s class, I gained great insights on how to bring the best to auditions, from the simplest moment like slating to improving. She gives lots of details and tips on bringing your real essence in the room, from memorizing everybody’s lines, to knowing how to work the camera. I think everyone should try this class. It will really increase your chance of booking and help you become more confident in knowing what you can offer the client.

Fei Ren

Laura is so much fun to work with! Her class is very important if you ever hope to book a commercial. It’s full of very pertinent information; things you would never learn unless you had taken this class, or by some magic, discovered on your own. Commercials auditions make way more sense to me now and I feel much more confident going into the room. Well worth it!

Alexis Korotash

This workshop was super helpful in showing me exactly how I looked on camera, focusing on what I was doing well and what I could improve on in order to get the job. I can now tailor my audition to what I learned with Laura to ensure I am putting my best self forward. I feel more confident going into an audition and have a better idea of exactly what the casting director is look for. This workshop was helpful for beginners to professionals, as Laura made everyone feel comfortable. Anyone who takes this class will leave with a better sense of self-awareness and understanding.

-Laura Ullock

I would definitely recommend Laura Mac’s Commercial Workshop to any actor looking to up their game. The hands-on exercises, coupled with her knowledge and tips, gave me more confidence going into my future auditions. Her fun and bright nature made everyone feel at ease, and she was able to get the best out of every actor there, from the beginner to the seasoned vet. She books like crazy, so why wouldn’t you want to learn from the best? I also loved how even after the workshop was done, she kept in touch and introduced us to other valuable resources. I highly recommend this workshop!

​-Sarah Cavalli

This workshop is perfect for actors of all levels. Despite being new to commercial acting, I left this workshop feeling more confident and comfortable with my craft. I learned fantastic tricks for slating and improvisation auditions, and got to meet incredible people along the way. This workshop provided me with a safe environment to grow and develop. I most definitely look forward to taking it again in the near future!

Mya Lowe

Laura is a wonderful teacher, demystifying the world of commercial acting and making it accessible to everybody. Her one-day-workshop is a run-down of must-knows for those who want to get booked more often and regularly. It’s also a lot of fun. Possibly funnier than Seinfeld.

Michael Diel

This is a great class for the inexperienced actor who is just starting out to give them more confidence than they would otherwise have without this training. In addition, a seasoned actor can gain value because of Laura’s experience in the industry.  There is always something new to learn.

​-Fran Christie

Laura’s workshop was a truly rewarding experience. She was impeccably prepared and provided a wealth of information from understanding how to apply for a given role to establishing rapport with casting directors. The seminar included a Q&A with Jonny Della Vecchia to provide additional insight on the fascinating world of commercial acting. I gained tremendously through attending this event and even made some new friends. I strongly recommend this seminar to anyone who is interested in acting in the commercial world. You’ll learn immensely from Laura’s knowledge and warm demeanour.

​- Rhys Lenton

​What stands out about Laura is the real-world experience she brings to the table, and just how current that is. Learning from someone who is in the room right now, auditioning, and booking consistently is what made me want to train with her. I first met Laura at a commercial audition and can attest that her friendliness also extends outside of the classroom and into real life. Laura is friendly, approachable and has an attitude of truly wanting to help strengthen the talent pool – all characteristics of a good teacher.

​-Rachelle Hay