marketing 2017

2016 was without question, the best acting year of my life. I accomplished all my goals and booked 11 acting jobs. 11! I can still hardly believe it happened.  I’d like to carry that momentum into 2017. To start my year off right, I decided to create a marketing campaign that showcased my successes from last year.

I’m very fortunate to have developed strong relationships with the commercial casting directors in Vancouver. I get brought in regularly and feel great about the work I’m doing. I want to ensure that I am fostering those relationships, by genuinely thanking them for believing in me and giving me so many incredible opportunities.

Picture Picture

I’m still getting to know the film and tv casting directors around town. There are 2 teams that bring me in consistently, and I’m thrilled to have booked  with both. I wanted to play up the fact that both bookings were for waitress roles, so along with help from my mentors Anne Marie and Tammy, I put together these fun postcards for the film and tv casting directors in Vancouver.

Picture Picture

I can’t say for sure that I got my latest TV audition because of these postcards, but I can say that it was my first audition with that casting director in over a year and I can also say that I BOOKED IT! I’ll share more details as soon as I can!