And just like that, I’ve booked my first role on an American network television show. So exciting. I still can’t believe it happened. I got an actor role on the NBC show Timeless. What are the chances, my second television role is also…. a Waitress. I’ve got type! And it’s service folks! My thanks go out to the whole team at Jackie Lind Casting for giving me the opportunity to play this year, especially to the talented and generous Anne Marie DeLuise for being my mentor and helping me navigate this crazy business.

The day couldn’t have gone better. I was thrilled to get to work opposite Abigail Spencer and Goran Visnijic. Goran was very sweet and chatted with me throughout the day. We told stories of our first jobs (this being one of mine) and I even told him about the  family cat  my mother named Dr. Luka Kovac after his character on ER. What’s better is that I didn’t totally freak him out, he actually laughed. I even helped him read for an audition during our lunch break. It was so great seeing an established actor going through the same steps as I do. Get an audition. Break it down. Make strong choices. Put it on tape. That’s the job. Booking is out of our control. The work is in the audition.