pictures of my face

It’s that time again! NEW HEADSHOTS! I’ve been more then thrilled with how my headshots with Karolina Turek are working for me in the commercial world. They show off my personality and have gotten me into the room which has lead to some amazing opportunities. I’m still hustling to get myself into casting rooms for tv and film, so it was time to take a look at the materials I have and be objective about how they are working for me. Let’s have a gander at my commercial shots…

It’s easy to see why these shots are working well commercially. I look pretty, bright, healthy and the greys of my shirt and the background bring out my blue eyes and highlight my copper hair. My hair and makeup were done professionally, and as a result, I look polished and put together. Exactly what you want in the commercial world.

But what about the film and television world? Why isn’t casting bringing me in? As I’ve been learning over the past few years through my wonderful mentors, a great film/TV headshot isn’t necessarily going to be a “pretty” picture. In fact, looking really pretty can actually play against me. The key to a great headshot is specificity. A picture that is a true representation of who you are. Casting should take one look at your shot and see the characters you can play.

I have seen a lot of amazing headshots by Kristine Cofsky this year and decided to do a session with her. She is an actress as well as a photographer, so she not only knows what makes a great photo, but what casting directors and producers are looking for when they see an actor’s headshot.  I put a lot of thought into my two looks. I wanted one shot that shows my softer side, characters like young mom, nurse, maybe even girl next door. I also wanted a shot that highlighted my tough side for characters like cops, superheros, strong women who work with their hands. I made sure to pick colours and textures that reflected those choices and did my own hair and makeup to ensure that I looked exactly like I will when I walk into the casting room. I made sure to communicate all that information to Kristine and worked with her to get exactly what I wanted. I’m pretty thrilled with the shots that I got and feel excited about using them. What do you think?

I loved working with Kristine and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to step up their headshot game! Can’t wait to see where these shots take me!