going live


It’s crazy how quickly one thing turns into another when  you work towards filling your time with fulfilling work. I signed up for a dance class last year because I really missed dancing. I clearly remember when I almost didn’t go to the class we had substitute teacher Nathan Fadear , but thank god I did! His energy is contagious and I instantly loved him. I now take his class regularly and am so stoked that he’s helping me get back to my old dancing self. I  promise that pretty soon I’ll share something from class. I’m still a ways away from getting to the point that I can nail new choreography right away. I know it’s a muscle, and I’ll get better if I keep at it, but I also wish it was as easy as it was 10 years ago when I was dancing 5 days a week… I’ll get there! And I’m so grateful to have Nate on my side!

Nate is more then just a fabulous dancer/actor, he’s also a casting associate for a new live streaming platform called PocketLive and approached me to become a Curated Broadcaster! PocketLIVE commits to support hustling creative professionals, and offers a live platform that connects us to a new community. I stream about 12 hours a month, talking about the work I’m doing, or even working while I stream, ordering headshots, writing blog posts, etc. Sometimes I make sock monkeys… I have many sock monkeys to finish for Christmas…

Check out our  home page and my channel! The marketing team is so amazing, they turned me into a banner, haha!

Picture Picture

To add to the excitement, PocketLive offered me a role in their promotional commercial! We filmed this week and I had a blast. It’s a really fun spot, I play a PocketLive viewer watching and interacting with 4 of our amazing broadcasters from my home. Anthony Fiddler, Leilani Finch, Jennifer “Bobo” Le and Nate Fadear all lend their amazing talents to the spot.  Ana Carrizales was our hilarious producer and PocketLive rep, she set a fun tone for the project. We worked with a great director/DOP combo Arun Fryer and Gregory Brown who lead a fantastic crew. Queenie Rose was our hair and makeup stylist who not only took excellent care of me and the other performers, but she also got lots of great photos for me to use! Chris Tobiesen was a magician with light, I loved watching him work. Kyle Thomas was on sound and is also a fellow Cue Agency actor! Rounding out the team was Jesse Bergeron who was the best PA you could ask for, always anticipating what might be needed. We were a small team, but a mighty one and we had way too much fun.

I took a million pictures, check ’em out!