Every year, Crazy8s hosts an 8 day filmmaking challenge, providing funding and support to 6 emerging Vancouver filmmakers, helping them produce short films. Once the films are complete, the teams come together with the Vancouver film community and see the results at a gala screening event at the Center followed by a party at Science World.

I heard through the grapevine that they were looking for volunteers and jumped at the opportunity the help out. I was so stoked to be assigned to scanning tickets at the venue. I got to see lots of actor friends, directors, teachers, casting directors and agents arriving to enjoy the evening.

The 6 films were all so strong, it was really impressive. I saw Crazy8s 2014, and was excited to see the bar raised to new heights this year.  After the screening, we all made our way to Science World, where I had a great time chatting with old and new friends.

I tried my best to tweet about the event and connect with the new people I met. I think I’m finally starting to understand Twitter! I tweeted Joel Ashton McCarthy after loving his film “I Love You So Much It’s Killing Them” and he tweeted me back saying that the loved my character in The Support Group! So exciting. I hope to be a part of the festival next year!