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Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to book my first Canadian national commercial for Mazda3! We filmed for two days all around downtown Vancouver and to say I had a blast on set would be an understatement. I got to work with some of the lovliest people and made some great friends in the process. Joining me in the bridal team was Arianna McGreggorStarlise WaschuckPaige McCulloch and our bride Maria Turner. Our bouquet stealing rivals were played by the wonderful Candice-May Langlois and Kurt Teixeira.

The weather did not cooperate and hours in the cold February rain could’ve been a lot worse if it weren’t for these fine individuals. Attitude is everything when everyone is uncomfortable and the whole team stayed positive and grateful for the job we were doing and even managed to have a blast. Who really needs to feel their feet all the time, anyway?

We were so well taken care of by the whole production team. Our director Miguel was awesome. He was wonderfully specific which gave us the confidence to play. Our AD Brett and the wonderful hair/makeup and styling teams led by Shannon and Rachel made sure that we were as comfortable as possible while wearing chiffon dresses in the rain during winter.

The cherry on top is that we were free to take photos and share our set days, so I made sure to capitalize on the opportunity to work on my fluency in the fascinating and powerful language of hashtag. #actors life.