year in review

My first legit commercial is up and I had way too much fun making it as you can hopefully tell. When I got the breakdown of an ex-cheerleader who’s addicted to caffeine at the holidays, my first thought was oh hells yeah. What am I going to wear. And yes, the outfit I’m wearing in the spot is in fact what I wore to the audition. How could they not hire me? The whole team was fantastic and working with director¬†Tony Yacenda was great. His set was very relaxed so it was easy to have fun.

I’m filming another commercial spot tomorrow and readingAri Summach Audition Sent.” is beginning to become the norm. I’m having so much fun. I’m so grateful to Sean Milliken and the team at platform studios. They’re the first casting team to see me regularly and it feels so good to have them believe in what I do.

I was just reading back at the goal I set for 2015. Book one professional job. Well, it’s been an eventful year on both sides of the camera and I’m proud to say that this year I filmed 2 mini series, a music video, a psa, and 2 commercials. I worked my butt off. 2 rounds with Tammy, an intensive with Andrew McIlroy, a session with Bruce and 4 casting director workshops. On top of that I counted back through my calendar and calculated that I spent over 150 hours either at yoga, running, swimming, taking a fitness class, hiking or training and as a result have lost about 30lbs.

Oh and I’m shooting a short film with my friends this weekend.

Bring it 2016.