the actor’s chop shop

Its all about who you knowNetworking. An area of my career that needs some love. How does one develop relationships with others in the biz that can actually lead to job opportunities? I shudder at the idea of showing up to an “industry” event to try to pimp myself out. I’ve gone to symposiums and felt like a fool standing in a crowd of other would-be actors making small talk about the fabulous things they’re doing with their careers. I’m sorry to be negative, but it’s all bullshit. None of us have careers. That’s why we’re going to symposiums.  (I get it, of course. I too feel the need to defend my lack of real jobs by spouting about the few things I have done).  For some reason, its been stuck in my head that that’s what networking meant. And I wanted no part of it. I figured I’d start networking once I get on set and meet people there. But this week, I realized that I’ve been networking in a meaningful way without even realizing it.

During my audition for Legally Blonde in the spring of 2013, I met a lovely girl named Laura Geluch and we had a great chat about the biz and such. I met her a more couple times over that summer and the next, while we took turns performing as sorority girls in the 2013 then 2014 casts. Its always wonderful to run into her and catch up, as we’re both actors playing in both the theatre and film worlds. On Friday afternoon, dear Laura sent me a message on facebook asking if I’d be interested in filling in for an on camera class called “The Actor’s Chop Shop“. Someone wasn’t able to make it, leaving another student without a partner. Of course, I said yes. I need to be training more regularly, and I’ve been wanting to try more classes offered in the city to go with my training with Tammy. I’m just so stoked that Laura thought of me. That’s a huge networking win!

The class was awesome. It’s run by two incredible actors who are hopefully reading this blog post. Hi Michael and Michael! Thanks for checking out my page! I had such a great time in class. I had an “aha” moment when you were talking about comedy that I’m excited to play with. I would really love to train with you guys for one of your Monday night classes. Any time you need someone to fill in, I’m your girl! See how committed I am to my career? It’s not much, but I think my website’s pretty sweet. I mean, come on. Tell me you don’t just love my blog? Email me!