introducing: rexcons!

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen! A teaser trailer for the pilot episode of the freshly renamed “rExCons“!

I’m pretty excited about how it has turned out so far. I can’t wait to see the full episode! The response has been really positive, but of course, that’s what friends and family are for. Hopefully some distribution folks like it as much as we do. I had such a great time working with this team. It was 3 days of my dream coming true. Fingers crossed someone lets us make more episodes!

I’ve been¬†tweaking my marketing material. I was inspired by my cast mates and figured out how to update my imdb page. Now at least I have photos up and a few credits to go with them! I’m back to training with my coach Tammy, keeping my skills sharp. The work you do for a film role is a bit different then what you do for theatre roles, so it’s really helpful for me to practice new characters on film, even if it’s not for anything specific.¬†

Alright, so what next? I need more! I can’t just go back to serving for months on end. Its hard to hear about all the auditions my fellow actor friends are getting while I struggle to get in the casting room. Any casting room. It’s pilot season and the only auditions I’ve had, I’ve either crashed or stumbled upon myself. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve updated my look, booked a job and have some projects on the horizon. I’ve even lost 10 pounds since I started exercising regularly and eating better. I gotta be getting in that room…