career 101

I was like most theatre school graduates. I knew that I had a long road of cheap work ahead, but secretly believed that it would be different for me. I’d book a small job, do brilliant work and then get the call from Steven Spielberg. Turns out “booking a small job” is not so easy a feat. No agencies would meet with me, no theatre companies would audition me and I had bills to pay…enter: The Service Industry.

After years of waiting tables, doing a few theatre gigs here and there, changing cities and feeling like time is quickly escaping, a friend recommended I take a class with local working actress Tammy Gillis. Did you catch that? Working. The minute class started, I knew I was in for a wake up call and felt stupid for not doing this earlier. I had been feeling so stagnant, but I didn’t do anything about it. It wasn’t agencies’ fault for not liking my package or the casting director’s fault for not knowing who I was, it was mine! I didn’t do anything to help my own career. Day in, day out. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do or even that I was supposed to be doing it. Tammy had me pegged; I was a lazy actor.

Tammy taught me to view my career in 4 sections: Marketing, Mind set, Acting Technique and Networking. To be successful as an actor, you have to be equally strong in all 4 areas.

Today, let’s focus on marketing.

Since this summer, I’ve set up this website! YAY! If someone googles me, here I am! With clips and photos and info and even a delightful blog. See everyone?! I’m a pro-fes-sion-al. Next step; Headshots! The actor’s calling card! My current shots were done by Ian Redd in the fall of 2013. Here’s what I have!

My agent liked them, but I wasn’t getting in the room and Tammy suggested that they might make me appear older then I am, which would put me against actor’s with much fuller resumes. So I booked some shots with Gelsy W. who does headshots on the side of her acting/singing pursuits. Here’s a couple I got with her.

These shots helped me get a new agent, but still not getting in the door. I’ve gotta step up my game! My look isn’t working. I love being a red head, but this current shade isn’t selling. I’ve been looking out for other red headed actresses and the ones that are working have a more gingery tone to their look.

Time for me to invest in a great hair colourist and a fantastic photographer!